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(3 years)

Blood cancer

When Shafira Fatima  was born she was the most precious gift for her parents Hasnain and his wife. They  felt truly blessed with a beautiful daughter and could not be more happy. But their happily ever after ending was not to be.

Their bundle of joy has now become a source of daily anguish.

Three-year-old Shafira is suffering from Blood Cancer ( ALL ). Though often with the help of medication and correct treatment the ailment can be cured and does not cause too much discomfort.

But some days ago Shafira started falling sick, losing weight and having frequent seizures. Hasnain rushed her precious daughter to the nearest hospital in his village in Uttar Pradesh where doctors told them that they should take her to a bigger hospital that could ensure her survival.

While her mother hardly sleeps at night, constantly checking if her daughter is alright or not., Hasnain is running from pillar to post to raise ? 3 lacs  required for the treatment. With his meger salary as a laborer, no bank is willing to loan him the money. He says: “Why is life so cruel for poor people like us? Where will I go and to whom will I beg for funds?

Save Shafira Fatima, Donate Now

For the parents of little Shafira, it’s like being unwillingly drawn into a game of Russian roulette - will our daughter  live another day or is this her last?

We can save this couple from losing their daughter and having a big hole in their hearts by contributing to the cost of Shafira's treatment. Please donate now.

Patient Name - Shafira Fatima
Female / 3 years
Blood cancer -ALL
Father Name - Hasnain   39 years
Address : Alim Nagar Rampur samodia Uttar Pradesh Pin  code 244924
Treatment Estimate - ? 3 lacs.