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Md Tauhid

Md Tauhid

(2 Years)

Herat patient

Md Tauhid , at the age of 2 Yrs is detected with a hole in his heart. Though often with the help of medication the hole naturally becomes smaller and does not cause too much discomfort.
But some days ago Md Tauhid  started falling sick, losing weight and having frequent seizures. Tofiq  rushed his precious son to the nearest hospital in his village in Haryana, where doctors told them that only an heart surgery could ensure his survival.

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While his parents hardly sleeps at night, constantly checking if their son’s heart is still beating, Tofiq  is running from pillar to pillar to raise the ?2 10 lakhs required for the surgery. With his ?7,000 per month salary as a daily labor worker, no bank is willing to loan him the money. He says: “Why is life so mean for poor people like us? 

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We can save this couple from losing their son and having a big hole in their hearts and life by contributing to the cost of Md Tauhid’s operation. Please donate now.

Father Name – Tofiq
Address- Near police  choki,  pinanagwan,  tehsil – punhana, pinagwan. 127 Mewat,  Haryana -122508
Monthly Income - ?7,000
Treatment Cost - ?2,10,000 Lakhs