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Warm Greetings From National Organisation For Social Empowerment !!!!

National Organisation For Social Empowerment is a national organization working for the up-liftment of the not so privileged communities in rural and urban India started by “Mr. Amandeep Singh (CHAIRMAN)”; helping them discover ways to live with dignity, socio-economic independence, self-sustainability and better health.400 million of India’s citizens are below the age of eighteen, making it the world’s largest child population.

A staggering proportion of these children go through their childhood with their basic needs unmet. 63% of Indian children go to bed hungry, 53% suffer from chronic malnutrition, 20 million Indian children live on the streets; 60 million are deprived of education, and 85 million have never been immunized. Established 8 years ago, National Organisation For Social Empowerment has been taking small steps to ameliorate these conditions. Over the years, National Organisation For Social Empowerment has spearheaded several projects that have touched and transformed the lives of thousands of people through livelihood projects, health, and educational initiatives.

In our education project we provides remedial educational support, medical attention, infrastructure support, counseling, value-based education and all-round development to hundreds of children in India. Our project “Mobile School”, a project that we started in 2014 with our NGO partner, was our Endeavour to impart education to street children who do not have access to schools and to show them a world beyond the traffic lights where they beg due to their compelling circumstances. In less than one year, we had managed to decrease the begging rate in the area by 80%. We served up to 200-250 kids, provided them with basic elementary education, and offered them soft skills. We also provided rehabilitation and organized exposure trips for them.

Another education project “The National Public School” was a project which was initiated by the National Organisation for Social Empowerment (NOFSE) in association with our NGO partner in 2014. It was a project that started with an aim to provide free primary education to over 60 enrolled students who come from destitute families. The school provided free stationary, books and notebooks along with education to all the kids. It also focused on promoting female education by inducting more number of girls. The main goal of our school was to create a 60:40 ratio of girls and boys. Our school worked for the upliftment of girls’ education. Our other goals included the propagation of gender equality through education and providing the children with a free and quality education and to enhance their personality.

National Organisation For Social Empowerment has pledged to work towards improving the quality of education and learning outcomes of children from low-income in our education projects and extend to these children a better school experience by lending them every support they might need to carry on with their education and perform to their potentials.

We seek Education Sponsorship support for few beneficiaries for our Project. The cost of education sponsorship of one child in the project is INR 15,000/- including mid-day meal, education, uniform, stationary and counseling. We have a batch of approx. 200 children for education.

We shall be sharing 80G certification for the donation received. We shall be happy to share regular project updates through our quarterly newsletter, Annual Report and stories of change that we share with our donors on a quarterly basis. Assurance of your support gives us the requisite strength to innovate and deliver more.

Cheque will be made in the name of “National Organisation For Social Empowerment”

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