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Physiotherapy For Children

Physiotherapy For Children

National Rehab Centre is one of the earliest centers in the City to introduce the NDT approach. Therapists at National Rehab Centre providing NDT treatment have completed advanced training in NDT.

What is NDT?

Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT) is an advanced therapeutic approach practiced by experienced physical therapists, and occupational therapists.

This hands-on approach is used in working with people who have central nervous system insults, which create difficulties in controlling movement.

Our therapists analyse:

·  Developmental assessment (eg. Rolling, sitting, standing, and walking)

·  Muscle strength,

·  Gross motorfunction

·  Fine motorability.

·  Sensory problems

·  Gait (walking) pattern


Difficulty in any of the aforementioned areas is often the result of a motor disorder. This early screening of children who have a motor disorder, or who are at high risk of developing such difficulties are helps us provide healthcare under our experienced pediatric physiotherapists.  

Post Stem Cells Therapy rehabilitation
Our experts also evaluate the prognosis of motor development along with NDT treatment after stem cell administration using standadrized assessment tools.