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Sewa Bhawan

Sewa Bhawan

Getting the best treatment sometimes means patients must travel away from home. This can bean extra emotional and financial burden on patients and family members during an already challenging time. National Organisation for Social Empowerment is trying to make this difficult situation easier for both the patients and their families by providing lodging arrangements.

Sewa Bhawan was started in June, 2017. Our accommodation facility offers patients and family members to stay in close proximity during the treatment period, so that they don’t have to wait for long . In a short span of two years, we have helped over 50 families through our service.

Sewa Bhawan is a place where patients and their families find help and hope when home is far away.

Under this project, we offer accommodation facility to the patient along with 2 family members. This project is an initiative by National NGO to provide comfort to those families who are going through hard times already.

It is of immense importance for the patient’s speedy recovery that the patient is served healthy food as per the doctor’s advice. Bearing in mind the importance of healthy eating and the financial condition of the beneficiaries, we also provide the patient and hi/her family members nutritious food throughout the time of their stay.

We have ensured that the place is comfortable enough so that the people staying there feel at home. At current, Sewa Bhawan has capacity of 18 people i.e. 6 families and we hope to expand the facility in the coming years.



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