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National NGO Kitchen

The National NGO Kitchen is an initiative, started on the 15th of May, 2019, that wants to solve the problem of world hunger by providing adequate nutritious food to the ones in need with the support and participation of the public.

Through this initiative, we strive to feed as many people as we sustainably can, to move towards a Hunger Free India. Every ten seconds, a child dies of hunger. And it is a matter of grave concern, that approximately 15% of the population in India is undernourished. There is a wide disparity in this world, where the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. It is appalling to know that nearly 1/3rd of the food produced in the world is never consumed and goes to waste.

Nearly 42% of all Indian children are undernourished. By balancing meals according to the beneficiary type (proteins for kids, soluble for the old, etc.), we ensure better nutrition intake for all.

 National NGO Kitchen has started by curating meals for food programs running in Delhi NCR through the usage of our base kitchen model. We procure our raw materials ourselves, and the cost of transportation and distribution of food is also incurred by us .Currently, the National NGO’s base kitchen cooks 500-600 meals per day, which are then distributed to hungry people across Delhi NCR. 

Through this project, the National NGO shall work to ensure that everyone’s basic human right to be free from hunger is respected and enforced. Starting from Delhi, we will expand the project to the national and International level. Our vision is to end world hunger and ensure that there is bread for every breath. 

At present the objectives of the National NGO Kitchen are:

To prepare hygienic and nutritious food in our base kitchen and distribute it, not only to 500-600 people as we do through our base kitchen and the targeted beneficiaries of this system will mainly be patients, toddlers, and older people, who are incapable of preparing food for themselves.

To establish Community Food Banks across Delhi NCR, to collect food and funds given by people through donations and then deliver them directly to the ones in need.